35 details from Disney movies and cartoons that make us look at them differently

There is no denying that Disney animated films are some of the most iconic stories ever told on the big screen. It seems that every myth and fairy tale has been transformed into an animation full of color, magic and wonder. But there are many small details you might have missed in these unforgettable films. From old classics to the latest Pixar films, here are some of the coolest details about Disney’s animated films that will make you look at them differently.

Pinocchio’s nose only grew once!

When you think of Pinocchio, one of the first things that comes to mind is that his nose grows every time he lies. You might think that he paid for his little lies throughout the movie.

Pinocchio’s nose only grew once!

Yet his nose only grows once in the entire movie! It was when he lied about meeting “two big monsters with big green eyes” on the way to school. We think this is meant to show that he has matured as a character in the story.Avril Lavigne announces “Greatest Hits” tour with Simpl